November 1-14,2022. Palm Harbor, Florida

This will be the shortest two week blog ever. We stayed put these past two weeks. Put absolutely no miles on the van. Two full weeks of Mooch Docking in the driveway of Greg’s parents house in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Ron, Greg’s Dad, took us on an awesome bike ride. Beautiful area overlooking the water. We saw tons of turtles and lots and lots of birds. there is even a disc golf course over by the bike trail. We played three holes with Ron. There is definitely a learning curve involved in this sport.

The Community that they live in has tons of activities and things to do. Greg’s Uncle lives in this same community so we all went to the car show and police dog presentation. I also played Texas Holdem twice. It’s only an eleven dollar buy in. Maybe around 30 people play and I actually came in second one night and won 80 bucks!! Yay me!!

The weather here has been in the eighties most every day. We enjoyed some time at the pool and have started walk-jogging in the morning before the humidity sets in. At some point we are going to maybe possibly start eating a healthier diet but for now we have been enjoying all kinds of great foods.

Greg and I went to the Tampa RV show yesterday. It was pretty good but nothing compared to the Hershey or Quartzite shows. They did have a lot of vans on display. Greg was unable to stand upright in any of them. Going inside those extremely expensive camper vans really does validate that we did the right thing in building our van ourselves. We have way more room than any of the vans at the RV show. after the show we headed to the Hard Rock Casino. It was right across the street. We only gambled for about an hour so didn’t lose too much. I lost a hundred but on the way out, I saw the Walking Dead Slot Machine and won $65. That game is a lot of fun, especially when you win.

We survived Hurricane Nicole.

Greg’s been doing a little tinkering in the van. His mattress has been sliding so he’s worked on that and a few other things. Constantly trying to find ways to have more storage. We will soon be building a cabinet in the garage area of the van but with any build, you first must sit and stare for hours to be certain it will work. I think it will be a nice edition once it gets done. It will help to put away many of the things we randomly have hanging from hooks and bungees all around the van.

So like I said. This is a super short blog. Tomorrow we hit the road again. Heading towards central Florida to do some camping in the National Forest Area. Towards Ocala and then over to the East Coast for a bit.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog! Love following your adventures. I think you are the ultimate retirement winner! Enjoy your next destination.


  2. We miss having you two here. Kind of quiet. LOL The refrigerator is filling up again. Once again thanks, Lorraine, for all your help. So far no more problems.


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