April16-30,2022 Indiana, Ohio, New York

Wow. Some MAJOR issues finding Diesel for the van. Who would have known that Illinois is the number one producer of Bio-Diesel in the country and that every gas station we went to (like 15 of them) only carried Bio-Diesel and NONE carried regular diesel which our van needs. We wound up putting 30 dollars of Bio-Diesel in just because we had no other choice. We would have run out of gas if we didn’t. We then continued checking gas stations along I-70 as we made our way to InDiana in the hopes of finding some regular Diesel. Crossed over the state line at 8:15 pm. That’s super late for us to be driving. We decided on the good ole Cracker Barrel for the night and will start our quest again in the morning to find some Diesel.

Rained most of the night and it’s pretty darn cold for our liking but today will probably be just another long driving day so I guess it’s OK.

Drive sleep Drive sleep. That was pretty much our experience heading back to NY. Spent a whopping $819 in fuel on the way home. Very difficult to find non biodiesel in the middle states. So when we did find it, we didn’t care what the cost was because we needed it desperately to get home. The weather was cold and yucky so we basically stayed at Cracker Barrel’s or truck stops until we got to NY. (Total camping fees for the month was a measley 90 bucks) Once in NY we went to visit some friends and stayed the weekend with them and then continued on to Raquette.

Barbara and Franks Camp Runamuck
Raquette Lake

It’s been cold but the nice weather will be coming. We opened Mindy’s place and are happy to announce that no trees have fallen and no mice have taken up residence. Feels good to be grounded again and Greg is happy to not have to wear flip flops to shower.

This is the last and final blog for this traveling season. Thanks for following us on our journey. The blog will start up again in October and we are hoping Diesel prices will drop by then.

Enjoy your Spring, Summer and Fall.


  1. Welcome back to Raquette Lake, Greg & Lorraine. Sorry about the cold. Winter seems to be winning the battle against Spring in the North Country. At least you missed the 26 power outage caused by the late April snow storm that dropped about a foot of wet snow. Perfect for building snowmen though. See you in the garden.

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