A lot of thinking.

So we did a trip down to South Carolina and then another trip down to Virginia. We are getting a feel for what we need and what we don’t need in the van. Even if the van was totally empty, we would still have a great time. We found some awesome spots in the National Forest. And also found casino camping to be fun as well. That’s our thing now! Camping for free!!

Away from the crowds and the Generators. Even used the 4 wheel drive to get to a nice secluded spot.

Breakfast in the woods

Once we got back we started working on some much needed additions, and by “we”, I mean Greg. He cut a hole in the roof for the MaxxAir fan. Plus he cut some smaller holes for the electric and solar to come in.

Once that was done, we decided on a fake tin ceiling.

We also came up with an idea for the walls. Since we will be bringing all those Atlas’ along, we may as well use them as a wall, instead of finding storage for them. Plus, a nice rock wall tapestry for behind our shelf.

We decided a closet would be needed behind the drivers seat to store the taller bulkier items, like our ladder, portable outhouse, foldable solar panels, chairs, and tables. Greg built this amazing closet. No easy task considering there are no right angles in the van. We found this awesome mirrored door for it!!

Our seamstress has been busy making window coverings and sheets and pillow cases.

Another week or so and we head back into the woods for some backpacking and Kayaking trips. Then we are off in the can to see what we can see and find what we can find. Our friend McGerk will be building the kitchen area for us. In the meantime as a temporary solution, we have this fun table for now. Plus the awesome shelf above that will eventually be kitchen cabinets.

it’s definitely a work in progress. Still deciding on walls for the kitchen side plus lighting and so many other things to think about. We do a lot of thinking and a lot of staring. Nothing in the van is permanent, everything is removable, with a couple of turns of a wrench or screwdriver.


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