Last days of cool Adirondack breezes

The Fourth of July on Raquette Lake was amazing. Out friends Jerry and Cindy, have an amazing party every year with front row seats to the Fireworks. They are so good at throwing parties and they make it look so easy. Unfortunately, I left my phone at home so no pictures of the festivities. It was super hot on the 4th!! Greg and I jumped in the lake several times to cool off.

We went for a visit to the Blue Mountain Center where our friend Laurie works. It’s an old Durant camp. Pretty darn impressive. We had a nice meal and shared some hiking stories with Laurie and her friend.

I love the stonework!

The weather finally cooled off enough for us to get back into the woods. We parked the Jeep at the trailhead down Durant Road and did a short 3 mike hike to the Lean-To on Cascade Pond.

Amazing view

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

I set up my hammock and Greg set up his tent in a small area by the Lean-to. There really wasn’t a lot of camping spots to choose from.

After my hammock was set up, I noticed a pretty decent year in the fabric. This made me very sad. I love this hammock like a second child!! I have had this hammock from the beginning of my backpacking, probably 15 years or so!! Did I mention I LOVE THIS HAMMOCK!!

Greg had a signal on his phone and I emailed the company right away and even though they (Clark Jungle Hammocks) have improved on their styles of hammocks, I still didn’t want or need most of their fancy improvements. I decided on the “Tropical Ultra”, which they said would be the most similar to what I have been using.

The next day we continued another 2 miles or so to Stephens pond. We had lunch down by the water and met a couple of hikers that we wound up sharing the Lean-To with.

So today, I’m home on Long Island waiting for my hammock to arrive! As soon as the Mailman delivers it, we will be leaving.

Came home to these beautiful Lily’s

Last night we loaded up the van with everything we need to head into the Appalachian Mountains. First we are gonna stop at the cabin for a couple of days, plus Greg got tickets to see Lynard Skynard at the Darian Lake Amusement Park. After that Greg will be going to the Ventriloquist convention on the border of Kentucky and Ohio. While he is there, I will be camping 2 nights in Kentucky and 2 nights in Ohio. I already have my spots picked out.

In the meantime, while I am waiting for the hammock to arrive, I will give my cats some extra attention!

Hopefully we won’t hit too much traffic on the Cross Bronx heading out today.

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  1. Hi. We are well. Finally finished putting drops in my eyes 2mo since cataract surgery. We went to the Borgata for 2 days gift from my children for my 80 birthday we saw the comedian Sebastian Maniscola. He is so funny. The 4 we spent with Tricia. This past Saturday we were invited to Yankee Lake in Wartsboro for60 yr celebration With my friend/boss. Your Dad met his 3 or 4 cousin Anthony Cortazzo at the party unbelievable he is around 51yr old Very friendly and wants to see us Again his mother 87yr old remembers your grandmother and grandfather. To be continued. Enjoy have fun. We love you regards to Greg❤️😊


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