Backpacking and Heat just don’t mix well.

Hiking and Heat do not mix, neither does trying to tow a kayak with a SeaDo.We had some really awesome plans which started with Greg towing the Kayaks to a secluded lagoon. After about 4 hours of me waiting for him to get back. I figured something was going wrong, and I was right! Apparently kayaks are not really meant to be towed, or at least not ours. The kayak spun in the air, landed upside down and started filling with water. No easy task to empty when you are in the middle of the lake trying to balance on a SeaDo. He managed to get most of the water out and then once he got going again, the same thing happened. So plan number one was a bust! Luckily though, on his way home, he saw that the Lean To on the Big Island was vacant so he docked and set up his tent to claim the spot for us. He then got the SeaDo out of the water and we loaded our backpacks into the kayaks for a short paddle across Raquette Lake for a nice night on the Big Island. Our campsite was in a great spot. We had a great view of the Sunset, plus and amazing breeze off the lake which kept the bugs at bay. We had Hobo Foil packs for dinner made on the fire pit.

Hobo Foil pack includes ground beef, potatoes, onions, peppers, cream of mushroom, carrots, peas. Toss on the fire for 30 minutes and enjoy

We were planning on just doing one night on the Big Island but then we saw the weather report. High 90’s for the next 4 days. Backpacking in high temps in the BUG capital of New York brought back flashbacks of last years hike over West Mountain. We both decided to cancel the backpacking trips for this week and to stick to water activities.

So we spent a second night on the Big Island and then 2 full days at Quaker Beach with the Sea Do.

Glad we made the decision not to backpack because the Adirondacks got slammed with a BIG thunderstorm on Monday evening. We went out for some ice cream in Inlet after the storm and caught a beautiful rainbow and a beautiful sunset. If not for that storm and our decision to stay out of the woods, we would have missed the beauty of these 2 things.

This rainbow went from Inlet to Raquette

These were the actual colors. No special lenses, no photoshop of any kind

We have another week here in The Adirondacks. Then we head home to get the Van and head to the Appalachian Mountains.

Happy 4th of July Everyone. Today we head to Jerry and Cindy’s for a great party and a great view of the Fireworks tonight!


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