Backpacking in the Adirondacks

Traffic getting out of the metropolitan area was HORRENDOUS!! The Cross Bronx was a nightmare. But we did make it just in time for a beautiful pink and orange sunset.

It rained most of the day so we held off on backpacking till Sunday evening. Greg found a fairly new trail that took us down to Slim Pond. The bugs were pretty bad, but nothing compared to last years trip over West Mountain.

We made it to the pond and were happy to see a tow boat with oars so we headed out in search of a camping spot.

Unfortunately we found nothing and it was getting dark so we set up camp in a tiny little area by where the row boat was.

We had a nice fire and a great nights sleep. Lots of tree frogs here making all kinds of noises.

We did a little fishing, if you even want to call it that. Basically it was just to get away from the bugs.

Slim Lake Video

The next day we found the trail that goes to the Bear Pond. There was a nice camping spot over there and a nice smaller pond. The weather was perfect!!

We hiked out of the woods just in time to watch the Tap Room Mudsliders Softball game. The next morning we did a Sunset Hike with Rachel up to Castle Rock in Blue Mountain. Hiked up in the dark which was kind of cool. The Sun did rise but unfortunately it was behind us and behind some giant pine trees. Still a great hike and a great view.

Today we are heading out on a 5 day Kayaking adventure on Raquette Lake. Our Bear Canisters are filled to the brim and the weather report looks perfect. Hopefully no thunderstorms will pop up while we are on the lake. So we will be off grid until Tuesday. Actually Greg might have a signal on his AT&T phone. I’ll be in the dead zone with my Verizon phone. Looking forward to some sunshine!


  1. I’m enjoying your adventure with sahara and Issam. These are the bed time stories of the summer. So keep them coming ! Love it.


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