Cabin in the Woods. Caneadea, NY

Our last week of the summer was spent at our Little Cabin in the Woods in Western New York. We had a great week with great weather and got a lot done in preparation for our Amish Thanksgiving this year. We were running low on wood so we did a lot of chainsawing and chopping to restock our wood piles. We also had a tree fall down on our hiking trail in so we had to take care of that as well.

Our water spring on the way in was NOT FLOWING!! This is the first time that we pulled up to it to fill our jugs and it wasn’t running. So instead we went to the local laundromat and filled our water containers there. thankfully, the people that own the property that the spring is on, fixed whatever the problem was and we were able to get fresh water a few days later.

We did a couple of local auctions this trip. I won a bin filled with old glass records for Greg’s wind up Victrola. I also bid on a bunch of coins from the 1800’s and won them. It’s not like we are coin collectors or anything but I’m pretty sure I can sell them for more than I paid. 

Unfortunately for us, we went to the auctions AFTER WE BOUGHT THE LUMBER for Greg’s washing deck that he has wanted to build behind the cabin. We could have gotten the lumber way cheaper at the auction. Oh well.

We went on lots of mushroom hunts around the property  and took tons of pictures of mushrooms and trying to learn about the edible mushrooms versus the poisonous ones. We’ve been watching this show on Netflix called filthy rich. There’s a mushroom hunter on that show in search of a mushroom called chicken of the woods. He finds them and sells them to local chefs. We came across them on our property. Took some pictures to compare them to the pictures on our mushroom book and also sent the picture to our friend Frank for double verification that we weren’t going to poison ourselves. Turns out these mushrooms were edible so we fried em up and tried them. I actually tried them and Greg waited to see if I would puke or die and then he tried them. Turns out, they are very tasted and I’m still alive.

Time at the cabin is the perfect way to prepare our minds and bodies for another upcoming school year. The cabin relaxes us and keeps us grounded. We are one with the land when there. However, we still have to work and summer is coming to an end so we left to head to Raquette Lake to pick up the sea doo and have some fun with friends before heading home. Labor Day is a great time in Raquette. Friends that live there usually have family come up and it’s just a big party. The more the merrier. We went on the Durant cruise around the lake with some friends. Great end to an awesome summer!

We made it home with no traffic, which is very rare. The cats were thrilled to see us! Kenny and Kaitlin did a great job of caring for the cats. However, I could see a sweater with a summers worth of cat hair that I swept and vacuumed up today. I’m just thankful that I have the opportunity to travel for the whole summer so a little cat hair won’t ever ruin that.



  1. Our family loved seeing your travels through the summer. Happy you made it home safe! Have a great school year. Look forward to your adventures next year!

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  2. Great reading your blog! Love the pictures and the escapades. I am not a great camper or hiker but you and Greg make it look fun. But then again .. I’ve always known you to be a fun person anyway 🙂 During your decent back home, did you pass through Binghamton? That’s where I was born and my family still lives there. Beautiful but cold. Take care and have a great school year 🙂

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