Raquette Lake

We arrived back to our home away from home in time for the Big Auction which we really love to attend. Each year they have this auction to raise money for the Fire Department and each year our friends Barbara and Frank and Cyndi and Frank come for a visit and enjoy the fun at the auction.  We usually do a cruise on the Durant, enjoying the great food, great service and great views! 

Barbara and Elaine
The Auction Gang

I bid and won a new bike!! It’s a super light bike! I love it! Greg had to change the pedals for me and we had to get an adapter to put air in the tires but it was all worth it especially after I googled it and found out that this bicycle sold for $1400.00 in 1998 and now it’s all mine for the low price of 90 bucks! Greg and I took it into the woods for a spin and I only fell off once. That’s pretty good for me!

We are enjoying the Adirondacks. Greg has been sea dooing every morning while the lake is still calm and quiet. We visited the Adirondack Museum which isn’t called that anymore. They have some new exhibits and stuff. Museums aren’t really my thing but I didn’t completely hate it so I guess that’s a good thing. We visited the craft fair and our friend Mary lent me her John Denver CD’s which I plan on making copies of. She also donated a beautiful necklace that I’m going to raffle off as part of my fundraising efforts for the Alzheimer’s Walk this year. Stay tuned on Facebook for that in September. 

We had a chance to visit Barbara and Franks new cabin in Blossvale, NY. They did such an amazing job decorating and landscaping. We loved Camp-Run-A- Muck!!

Our cabin warming present that we got at 3040 art Gallery in Old Forge

We checked out the Woodsmen Fair in Boonsville on the way home. They did not have icecream inside a churro but they did have cheese inside a pepperoni. Yum!!

The temps here have been perfect. We have had a few opportunities to spend the day at Quaker  Beach, thanks to good boating friends that enjoy our company and take us to the beach.  Hopefully I won’t eat all the pepperoni before our next trip. The food at the beach is always a great spread. Everybody contributes a bit of food to the table. (The venison jerky is my favorite)

Quaker Beach
The Steamboaters are on the Lake this week. They are very fascinating boats that, I guess run off of steam, hence the name, Steamboats. 

We have been doing a little kayaking here thanks to Greg’s homemade Kayak trailer.

We enjoyed a nice day on Sea Do for the Solar Eclipse. We went to Elden Beach and then the Needles. It was a nice sunny calm day on the lake. Our eclipse glasses worked great. So glad we purchased them when we were out west this summer. 

We are heading out today for a hike to OK Slip Falls in North Creek. This trail recently became available in 2014 so we’ve been meaning to hike it ever since. It was a great hike. 3 mikes in. We got hit with a little rain on the way out but it was worth it to see the tallest waterfall in the Adirondacks.

Tomorrow we head back to Long Island for an overnighter to drop off the tear drop camper and then we head to the cabin for the last week of summer. Could it possibly be that the summer is coming to an end? Maybe we’ll have one more blog from the cabin. Stay tuned. 


  1. i saddened your summer adventures will come to an end soon but what an awesome journey. and congrats on the bike. everyone loves a bargain.

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  2. What a wonderful summer we have enjoyed with you guys through this blog. It is a joy to read and all who do get a great sense of the joy and fun (and some of the challenges) of your travels/adventures. Thanks for sharing and squeeze some more fun out of this last week of summer.

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