Heading East

No more mountains. Just the flatness of Nebraska. We spent the night in Lexington Nebraska at a park called Johnson Lake Recreation Area. Big huge trees here. We had a nice site, went into town for some Mexican. We eat Mexican food every day. There was a strange odor in this town. Sort of smelled like mouse piss, but harsher. We thinks the smell was coming from the giant livestock market or the Tyson Chicken factory.  It just got deep inside your nostrils and wouldn’t leave. Thankfully, the campground was far enough from the town and so it smelled ok. It was great sleeping weather. In the low 60’s. We were both able to take showers agin with a handful of quarters. Unfortunate, I didn’t take any pictures of our campsite or the campground but I would recommend it.  

We left in the afternoon and headed east towards Iowa. We stopped a casino for a great buffet with crab legs. Left a donation in the slot machines and then continued on. We decided to stay the night at the Walmart Parking Lot in Council Bluffs,  Iowa. There were a couple of other campers and some trucks. We went in to ask the manager if it would be ok because that is the proper etiquette when staying overnight at a Walmart parking lot. He said it was fine but told us like 3 times that they are not responsible for any damage. (That made me a little nervous) so we parked and walked around inside Walmart for a while 

and then went outside to sleep. Around midnight another teardrop camper pulled alongside of us and went to sleep also. It was fine, if you like loud trucks, and bright lights. At 6 am, greg woke up cause it was looking stormy. He checked his phone and a big storm was heading our way so we packed up and headed out.

We had such an early start to our day that we were able to have a nice breakfast at Cracker Barrel! If you have never stopped at one, be sure to eat there at some point in your life!! You won’t regret it.

After breakfast we drove a little further on and stopped at the BIGGEST Bass pro shops ever. 

After that we drove to almost to Illinois but we didn’t quite make it. We decided on a state park in Davenport Iowa called West Lake. It’s pretty crowded here but better than the Walmart Parking lot. 

We found out why it’s so crowded…. cause the state fair is up the road which of course we went to.  It’s amazing how HUGE these state fairs are once you get out of the metropolitan area. The food is amazing and there entertainment, lots of it. Oh and did I mention the amazing food!!

Icecream inside a Churro Tube!!

And when you are done eatin the fried pork tenderloin and the bacon wrapped pork belly skewers, then you go into the farm house and look at all the pigs and other animals.

We drove the next day all the way to NY and stayed at the Lake Erie State Park. Lake Erie may as well be the Ocean. Our view from our site was amazing as was the sunset!

The weirdest thing about the sunset was this strange second and third sun that appeared in every picture I took. What do you suppose that is!?!? Even when I cleaned the lens it still appeared.

The sleeping was great at this campsite, but a little windy and a little crowded. Plus this family nearby us had so many lights on in his area, he lit up the whole campground!

Got an early start out of there and made it back to Raquette Lake in one piece!! Getting ready for the big Auction this weekend!! We have some friends visiting and it’s always a good time!!


  1. Such great fun to read your blog and experience your adventures! Love your photos and happy faces and that churro filled with ice cream! The multiple suns are sun dogs. A sun dog or mock sun, formally called a parhelion in meteorology, is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that consists of a bright spot to the left and/or right of the Sun.

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  2. This is awesome. We are in Saratoga from 21 to 27th. And what auction. ? Maybe we’ll come there ? Love the Walmart pic. And oh the three son pictures has a mans face in it with a mustache. But like the old kind almost handlebar but not quite. More like a barber shop mustache from the 40s. Who do you know that passed that might look like that. The three sons is not three sons. But an orb telling you to look deeper into the photo. Love these !


  3. love reading about your journey. the stinky town, ice cream filled churros and the three suns, who could make this up?


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