I don’t really like Hot Springs.

So northern Utah was all about the healing waters of the Hot Springs. Greg LOVES Hot Springs!! Me? Nope, I don’t like them at all! They bring me back to a memory of laying on the ground at Lucille Roberts, after getting out of the whirl pool and waking up to my mother hovering over me with a cold rag on my neck and telling me to eat a banana. I’ve had a few similar woozy experiences since then and my body has never fully been willing or able to enjoy Hot waters or steam rooms or saunas.  I do, however enjoy accompanying Greg to various Hot Springs because they are usually appealing to the eye. 

The first Hot Spring we hit was called “Crater Hot Springs at the Homestead Resort.” It was beautiful! The Crater is a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock.

After the Hot Springs we went back to the campsite to get ready for what looked like a giant storm on the radar. After the sun set, we moved the Tear Drop under the awning at our campsite. 

Perfect Fit
The next day we drove north to Crystal Hot Springs. This place boasts about having the most minerals in their water than any other hot spring in the world. They had several pools of varying temperatures. I was even able to go into a couple of them.

Hot and cold waterfalls

After enjoying the Hot Springs, we headed back to Antelope Island and loaded up the bee and started heading south to Southern Utah. Our plan was to do some camping in the National Forest Campgrounds. They are relatively cheap, like 12 bucks and they usually have water and lots of open space. Unfortunately because it was a Friday, all those campsites were filled. Plus I think there’s some kind of parade or Pioneer Days in this town. We were very lucky to find an amazing dispersed camping site off the side of the road overlooking a creek. We pulled in, set up and now we officially have a. Saw camp for the next 3 days!! However, there is no cell signal of any kind, so we are off the grid for a couple of days.

Dispersed Camping


  1. July 24 Pioneer Day (aka Days of 47) is State holiday…when Bringham Young arrived in SLC and said “This is the Place”. Thing 3rd largest parade still in country.

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