Go West

Greg’s bus safety class ended at noon and we weee on the road at 12:30!! Wanted to put in a few hours of driving. At 6 pm we started looking for a possible spot to camp with no luck at all. Once you get past Hershey, Pennsylvania, it becomes quite rural and very lacking in forms of civilization such as campgrounds. 2 hours later, we found this gem of a campground in a town called “Burnt Cabin.” We set up while the sun set. I have my coffee ready to go INSIDE THE TEARDROP. I just have to push the button and I’m good to go. Car camping is so different than backpacking!

Coffee ready to go

Woke up at 8am, checked the weather….huge storm coming our way!! Packed up and heading out. 
Burnt cabin Grist Mill Campground

We drove  in the rain for 5 hours today and decided to stay the night at that really fancy  RV park that we stayed at last year.  It’s like 69 dollars a night for a cement slab. But the place is so fancy!  And the bathrooms are amazing!!

Hopefully the water we drank when backpacking wasn’t tainted with giardia.

Plus it’s in Amish Country and we were able to go to our favorite store, Lehmans!
Lorraine loves cast iron cooking
Greg loves lanterns!

We stopped for lunch at a chicken factory! 

Really good chicken
We hit the road early enough so that Greg wouldn’t miss Jeff Dunham lecture at the ventriloquist convention in Kentucky. We drove to the campground first and set everything up. Detached the bee from the car, hooked up the electric, and set up the easy up incase of rain. This campground, Winton Woods is really beautiful!!  

Greg’s hotel is about 40 minutes from the campground so it was a nice easy drive to drop him off . 2 nights of ventriloquist fun for him. I’m not a huge fan of  hundreds of people with their puppets walking around and saying hello over and over again. So I opt to stay with the bee on my own for 2 nights. Greg keeps me updated on the weather and I keep him updated on whether or not I’m alive. (Just kidding, its very safe here)

The Ventriloquist Convention

I’ve been keeping busy and cool by getting out of the heat. I spent some time at Camping World and Ikea. I also did some walking. They have some amazing walking trails at this park. They also have icecream at the end of every trail which is FANTASTIC!  

Tomorrow we head West. Eventually we will get to Utah! My favorite place in the USA. I don’t know what we will do along the way or how long it will take us to get there. It’s all part of the journey. 


  1. Looking good McGerks! Happy to hear you were able to stop at Lehmans! Did you happen to get yourself a new butter churn? You never know when you’re going to have a hanckerin’ for some danish – if ya like danish that is! For god’s sake Greg, stay out of the pool until the beaver fever runneth dry and stop drinking the water from those stagnant mud holes. It’s not just a myth, it actually WILL get you sick no matter what you think ;). Did you get yourself any new cast iron amenities for the Bee? A new lantern or dutch oven accessory? How was Jeff Dun-HAM and the convention? Did you get some good material for the trip west? Maybe a one liner to repeat from Kentucky to Utah – “I say I say” :). Make sure to jot down some ideas for the 2020 Kitchen – no better place than on the road to figure out what you need. Safe travels!

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  2. lorraine – your comments were hysterical. i was picturing ventriloquists and their dolls just bumping into each other saying hello.

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