Back into the woods

Last nights fireworks were FANTASTIC!!

​The party that our friends Jerry and Cindy throw each year is awesome. Good food, good friends and a front row seat of the fireworks over Raquette Lake.
Today we are heading back into the woods. Going to do another 5 days. This time we will be in the Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area.

I’m all packed and ready to go. Greg is “almost” done packing.   Once he is done, I will send out a request to my Raquette Lake Friends and hopefully someone will be so kind as to drop us off at the TrailHead down Big Moose Rd in Eagle Bay. Our plan is to hike back to Raquette Lake and make it in time for the Mozzarella Cheese Making Class.  Will be without signal and wifi till then.


  1. Fireworks looked like fun! Hello to J&C. Although that McGerk has gotten real good at packing up quickly, it looks like you’ll be waiting for a while for him jam everything into that bear canister. Pigeon Lake area is loaded with old growth pine – I’ll be listening for the Greg’s crooning as you walk in an out of the pine forest! Enjoy, stay dry, watch for sap, and for god’s sake Greg…watch the trail when Mama McGerk goes behind a tree. 😉 Miss you guys and hope you’re having fun!

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