TRAFFIC on land, WIND at sea.


It started out great!!  Hit the road nice and early in the hopes of beating the traffic, everything loaded in the jeep and the sea doo on its first long journey to our place in Raquette Lake. We don’t need the Bumble Bee just yet, as we are heading into the woods to do some backpacking first. You can’t take a trailer on any of the Parkways in NY, so we knew our trip was going to be slightly longer than usual. THAT’S AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  We got over the Throgs Neck Bridge and it was a DEAD STOP for hours. Could this be the day that all driving comes to end? The day when everyone has to just get out of their cars and start walking. There’s just no more room for cars and people.  This was the worst traffic we have ever seen!!


It took 11 hours to get to Raquette Lake, and Greg and I are not the type to stop anywhere along the way.  The only time we stop is if the bladder just can’t take another minute. We did, however stop to check if the Price Chopper had Fiddle Heads, and they did!!! They only come around once a year and I didn’t want to miss out on the YUM!

IMG_6672 (600x800)

On Saturday, we both woke up early, unpacked food and clothes and headed for the Lake with the Sea Doo.  We packed lunch and our new Helinex chairs in the hopes of making it to  Quaker Beach. We stopped first at St. Williams at Long Point to visit our friend Ra-Ra.


That part of the trip was great!! The sun was shining, the lake was pretty calm. However after we left St Williams, the wind picked up and the lake was very rough.  Greg had been practicing his sea doo skills on Long Island but this was my first time on the Sea Doo.  I’m not a big fan of boating so this was pretty much the worst possible scenerio for me to “try out” the Sea Doo. It was so cold, I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. What I thought was going to be a nice relaxing day at the beach with a book turned into me holding on for dear life like a ride at an amusement park. Hoping for a better experience next time.

We are boaters!




  1. I’m glad you made it safe and sound. Be safe, have fun and keep the blog’s coming. I love this new method of documenting your awesome life!!! I hope Greg is feeling well.


  2. UGH – Traffic is never fun! Looks like you made it up there alright though, minus the hours of your life lost in the island. The fiddleheads look yummy!! Please pass a hello around up at RL and enjoy every minute!


  3. Love the blogging format! Sorry the traffic was so bad. I think you’ll come to love the Sea Doo! They are so much fun.


  4. Glad you made it there safe…sounds like you hit the Armageddon of traffic. Love this new format …the pictures are a great addition 🙂 Have fun


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