Possible Change of Plans. TICK BITE!!!!

Bulls-eye!! and I don’t mean Target!!

Ugghhh.  So originally our plan was to begin the summer with several 4 day backpacking trips in the Adirondacks. And then……….. Greg had a poppy seed sized deer tick latched on to his hip after an overnight trip at Harriman State Park. He found the tick when we got home so it was a couple of days before it was removed. We thought for sure that we got it out in time before the DREADED LYME disease could be injected.  No such luck, about a week later he started showing signs of a bulls-eye rash and a few days after that he began with the other symptoms.

People may experience:

Pain areas: in the joints or muscles

Whole body: fatigue, fever. (He literally was sweating through the sheets!)

Joints: stiffness or swelling

Also common: bull’s-eye pattern rash or headache


This was not good so we consulted a doctor immediately!!  The doctor put him on 10 days of antibiotics.  Today is day 3.  We leave to go into the woods on Day 5.  He is beginning to feel a little better but being in the middle of the woods on a backpacking trip is probably not such a great idea.  We might have to do some flip flopping of our summer trip.  Maybe just some rest and relaxation in the Tuberculosis Ward of the breezy Adirondacks will do the trick.  Still trying to figure it all out!



  1. Hey guys. Your adventures are way cool!! Sorry to here about your setbacks hope hubby is doing well! Prayers for a wonderful part 2 of your adventures. Xoxox

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